Ramon Blanco is from Granada, Spain. He started his musical studies at age 8. He enrolled in the Music Conservatory in Granada where he studied music theory and classical guitar. While at the Conservatory, he also studied modern music and jazz with teachers César Rodríguez, Kiko Aguado and Javier Avilés.

When he was 18, Ramon started to work as a professional guitar player and composer in different bands and projects. He released two records: one with Time, “Para bien o para mal” (“For Good or For Bad”) (2007) and another with Kronnen, “Salto al Vacio” (“Leap of Faith”) (2008). He toured throughout Spain for more than 7 years performing over 1000 shows with Chasis.

He worked with two theatre companies for two seasons. During that time, he was the principle guitar player in the musicals, Jesus Christ, Superstar and Rent.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and enrolled at the Musicians Institute. He graduated in 2011 with an Associate of Art degree in guitar. He has studied privately with some of the best guitar players in the world, including: Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Ross Bolton, and Dean Brown.

Ramon Blanco is sponsored by ESP Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, and EMG pickups. He is currently working on many different projects: He is part of Good Guys In Black and Thorne, writing and playing guitar. He played the Warped Tour 2011.

He also writes and plays guitar with Thomas King. King and his band perform regularly around the LA area and were part of the Epic Proportions Tour, through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas and Nevada (2012), including an appearance at the 2012 SXSW music festival. For those shows they were playing songs from their second EP, Last Night Living, which was produced by Brandon Friesen (Sum 41, Nickelback).

He also plays and writes music with many different artists in LA such as Eric Knight, Sarah D, Gaston, Daniel Sobrino, Ilza Rosario and more. He works regularly as a session guitar player for artists from all over the world.

Actually Ramon is writing music with Eric Knight and Guilherme Bodi for there incoming project DISCIPLES OF BABYLONG.